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A brief history of the Kenya Life Saving Federation.

In April 2004 Kenya Lifesaving And Lifeguards Association was registered with the Registrar of ocieties, Department of the Registrar – General, Government of Kenya. KLLA applied for full membership with the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) in 2005 and on September 2006 KLLA was affiliated to ILS as a full member of the world governing body for the lifesaving and water safety. On 5 January 2008 KLF General Assembly ratified and approved the adoption of the ILS water safety/lifesaving & swimming education guidelines for certification and complied KLF national water safety certification guidelines that will be implemented in the country and applied for certification accreditation and endorsement by the ILS as to bear the ILS Logo in all of KLF certificates to make them international recognized for better job market. KLF is very active in all ILS activities such the world lifesaving championship, World Water Safety conferences plus many other world activities.


On 25th April 2008 the Registrar of Society accepted the change of the Name and was issued with a new Registration Certificate Number 22980 As Kenya Lifesaving Federation File No. SOC/40425 by the REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES, Department of the Registrar – General, Government of Kenya. In June 2008 KLF held it first inaugural National Lifesaving Championship in Kenya at the St. Austin's Academy. In 2008 was recognized as the official branch of the Royal Lifesaving Society by the Commonwealth RLSS Headquarter In United Kingdom and has remains a full paid up member of the ROYAL LIFESAVING SOCIETY, KLF issue RLSS awards such as BRONZE MEDALLION, participate in all the Commonwealth lifesaving championships, conference and other RLSS activities.

In 2008 KLF entered into a strategic partnership agreement with The Sports Stadia Managent Board (SSMB) in lifesaving training, use of facilities at the sports stadia Kasarani. IN 30 September 2008 KLF seek approval to train as a training provider by the Directorate Of Industrial Training (dit) Ministry Of Labour And Human Resource Development.


In 16 January 2009 KLF was official affiliated to the Kenya National Sports Council As a full member of the National sports body hence giving KLF official recognition by the Ministry Of Sports. KLF has continued to run lifesaving championships in Kenya. On 23 February 2009 KLF acknowledged as a responder by the NATIONAL DISASTER Operation Center. Office Of The President, Provincial Administration And Internal Security. On 1 April 2009 KLF was official affiliated to The International Federation of Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA) On 1 May 2009 KLF lease an office at Moi International Sports Center-kasarani AQUATIC making the office KLF National Headquarters. In July 2009 KLF started the auditing and inspection of public swimming pools facilities with approval of Local Government Authority-Nairobi City Council and the NATIONAL Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) Ministry of Environment and National Resources. In October 2010 KLF makes its first entrances in the world lifesaving championships in Alexandria, Egypt, Rescue 2010. In January 2011 KLF begins the awards for RLSS BRONZE MEDALLION and RLSS LIFESAVING RESEARCH DIPLOMAS. In August 2011 KLF run a joint lifesaving refresher course with the University of Nairobi- Department of Games & Sports. In April 2012 KLF held the first ever National Beach Lifesaving Competitions at the Nyali beach – Mombasa.


Aims and Objectives:

a) To find the best methods and means of aquatic life saving, resuscitation of the apparently drowned and emergency care.
b) To teach lifesaving and establish educational exchanges of aquatic life saving techniques and operations.
c)To exchange practical, medical and scientific experiences in the field of aquatic life saving.
d)To encourage the conducting of training schools available to the whole of the aquatic life saving district.
e) To extend the teachings and activities of the KLF to all places throughout the district and to communicate and act in co-operation with other national and international humanitarian bodies.
f) To promote uniformity concerning equipment, information, symbols and laws for control and regulation within the aquatic environment.
g)To promote and organise life saving sports and to regularly organise international aquatic life saving competitions in order to stimulate the interest of Members to improve their ability and willingness to save people who are in danger in the aquatic environment.
h)To encourage the convening of national congresses for the purpose of creating links of friendship, solidarity and collaboration between Members and other international bodies which pursue the same humanitarian goals.
i)To encourage measures to prevent the pollution of waters and beaches and other elements, which are dangerous to the public and users of the aquatic environment
j)To enter into financial transactions for the purchase of fixed or movable assets, or for other purposes which the KLF consider appropriate for its operation.
k)To take such other actions as the KLF considers will advance its mission statement goal.