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KLF Mission Statement: KLF is the National Federation for Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sport. In these roles KLF leads supports and partners with Branches, National and International organisations committed to drowning prevention, aquatic safety supervision, and emergency response, promotion of water safety and development of lifesaving sport.

KLF Vision Statement:  The Kenya Lifesaving Federation (KLF) is the National authority in the National effort to prevent drowning and promotion of national water safety.

Initiate a minimum of one sustainable significant drowning prevention project according to the KLF priority list of at-risk communities. Plan, co-ordinate and implement a strategy to assist locals in building its capacity to respond to community issues. Enter into additional formal strategic alliances with government and other organisation (to be identified) Increase by 10 % the number of branches organising branch lifesaving championships and/or participating at national events (compared to the previous 4 year period). Inclusion targets in KLF decision making for women and Local individuals (targets to be determined). National Water Safety 2014 to have a minimum of 100+ delegates from 30 counties and 30 presenters from across all KLF Branches. Sufficient sustainability of resources to employ professional management staff.

KLF MOTTO:  Promoting National Water Safety


In the spirit of lifesaving KLF believes in:

-Humanitarian principles

-Environmental responsibility

-Equity through diversity

-Evidence based decisions

-Effective governance


-Tolerance and respect for all

-Friendship and camaraderie

-Ethical conduct and behaviour



- We are frank and open, in our communication with full disclosure of information
- We support each other and value the wealth of experience and knowledge each of us brings to our common goals
- We identify and address issues, problems and conflicts in a timely manner
- We work towards the common good, while respecting our differences
- We seek first to understand then to be understood; we listen carefully
- We are open-minded, accountable and committed to our decisions
- We are respectful of diversity and encourage participation.


1. Build the capacity to reduce drowning within targeted at-risk communities in Kenya.
2. Position KLF as the national leader, advocate and global best practice authority for medical, education and rescue issues in lifesaving and lifeguarding.
3. Form alliances, advocate and implement strategies to reduce the drowning of children national.
4. Increase participation in lifesaving sport.
5. Increase the participation of women and Local individuals at community level.
6. Grow and diversify KLF revenues.
7. To produce the National drowning report and other aquatic safety research reports